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Zainab Mansoory

What is your background?

1. International Baccalaureate Diploma.
2. BSc Economics, Finance and Management at Queen Mary, University of London.
3. ThinkBuzan Mind Mapping Licensed Instructor.
4. GeniusBrain UK Master Trainer.

Why does Mind Mapping inspire you?

I went to a Tony Buzan Mind Mapping course back in 2004 in Bahrain where I discovered my brains full potential and capabilities and realised what the educational system truly lacked. I started using all the tips and techniques I was advised in my academic life and I noticed the huge difference it made when it came to note taking and recalling/memorizing information for an exam.
The Mind Map is one of the most powerful tools out there that allows the individual to step outside their typical educational comfort zone in order to think creatively when creating notes, ideas, solutions and recalling information. As Tony Buzan once said, “studies at London University show that people who use colour & image in their imagination when they are learning and trying to remember, inevitably do better than those who don’t”.

Furthermore, the mind map is a rare tool that allows us to learn and understand a unique language that the brain only speaks (which the educational system fails to teach) in order to excel in our academic lives and to be successful.

What do you plan to do with your accreditation?

Since officially becoming a ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor, I have been mind mapping at least twice a day. It has honestly organised my life. I believe everyone needs to embed this incredible concept into their daily lives. Therefore, my aim is to spread awareness on the Mind Map as far as I can.