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Tomoko Fujita




I am a representative of TOMO Certified Social Insurance Labor Consultant Office and Industrial Counselor. I graduated from Keio University, Department of Literature, Human Relations and then joined Oil Refinery Company.

As an instructor, I was responsible for giving human skills training, and also recruiting and training the new employees in the human resources department. Left the company to go to Venezuela with my husband, who works for the Embassy of Japan there. After returning to Japan, worked at the Department of Science and Engineering office, Keio University. Responsible for Institute Bureau, etc. I then acquired qualification of certified social insurance labor consultant in 2008. Acquired TLI qualification in January 2012.

As a certified social insurance labor consultant, I think it is imperative for future companies to have their employees have the employer’s mind and take full advantage of the brainpower as a collective, like multiplication. Then, I came across the concept of mind map. Mind map is a great and effective tool that brings out the maximum usage of the brainpower. Watching my son happily draw a mind map inspires me to pass on this concept of mind map to other children.