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Tomoko Fujikawa

Ms.Fujikawa happened to find a text on Mind Mapping among the reference materials for her master fs thesis. She became interested and started writing Mind Mapping by herself. She was further impressed that Mind Mapping was already being used as an instruction tool by the trainers form outside Japan in the workshop she attended in 2002.

Through participation in Mind Mapping seminars, her understanding has greatly advanced. She tries her best to convey to those interested what she has acquired, especially the importance of recognition, inspiration, active use of the human brain, and a wide scope of Mind Mapping applications.

Qualified NLP trainer, one of the very few Japanese the two NLP founders trained
B.S. (Mathematics), B.A.(Child Studies)
Completed Master fs Curricula at Seitoku University, Japan
Member of the Japan Educational Psychology Society
Qualified Industrial and Family Counselor; Career Consultant

Extensive career in teaching (primary/elementary, junior high and high schools)
Counseling & Consultation given to over 2000 persons

Her Motto: 一期一会 ichigo-ichieh (Treasure every encounter, for it will never recur.)