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Shingo Hara

Shingo is an in-house instructor in charge of management training for executives at a leading primary oil distributor in Japan.
Shingo encountered Mind Maps almost miraculously during the most challenging period in his career. He says he was able to find a means of survival through Mind Mapping. Furthermore, the concept helped him find a way to pursue his lifework of answering “What is Japanese (people)?”, a crucial question which came up to his mind while he was in France as a student. He became a BLI to share his wonderful experience as a Mind Mapper and support others.

Shingo, an excellent tennis player, loves sports. He also enjoys collecting European and Japanese antiques and fitting them nicely into his modern house.

He earned a BA in French Language and Literature from Kansei University. While at college, he studied at Aix Marseille University in France for a year.