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Sharon Curry

I am former British Naval Officer specialized primarily in training. I left the Navy when I emigrated to the United States in 1987. My professional experience has been gained in the UK, USA and Spain and has provided me with a variety of skills and knowledge and a broad base of cultural understanding. For the past 4 years I have been working as a coach and trainer while networking and bringing all of my experiences together into a core capability.

I was certified a Master Coach by the European Coaching Center in Madrid, Spain in April 2009 which among many other things has enabled me to collaborate and design training programmes with two large coaching organizations as well as in other training environments. Aside from being a Director at the European Institute for Leadership with links to Georgetown University in the USA and the University of Seville in Spain, I am also an entrepreneur and market my capabilities as a bilingual (Spanish/English) trainer, consultant and coach. My current focus is on communication and human interdependency, teamwork and leadership and of course Mind Mapping. I am expanding this focus to include coaching and Mind Mapping in education.

I am a mother of two daughters and have combined my work with raising my children, taking time out to focus on them during their early formative years.

Why does Mind Mapping inspire you?

I was introduced to Mind Mapping many years ago in the military and learnt very quickly to rely upon its capacity to provide the global picture very rapidly, an absolute necessity for effective adaptive leadership. Since working more in depth with Mind Maps and using the iMindMap software I have been amazed to discover the seemingly limitless situations to which Mind Mapping can be applied. I have seen results enormously enhanced by the vision, creativity and freedom from lineal thought that Mind Mapping provides. Combined with it’s powers of summary and memory enhancement I have been inspired to use it in many situations that otherwise would have caused me difficulty. I have had many rewarding experiences mapping with individuals and groups, from helping a child with Attention Deficit Disorder, to successful implantation of corporate plans to watching my children do wonderfully well at school, using its power as a revision aid. It is a wonderful skill that I absolutely believe in and therefore find easy to transmit to others. Mind Mapping is extremely compatible valuable for coaching in addition to giving my clients immediate access to a valuable tool that they can learn from and use.

How will you use your TLI accreditation?

Primarily I want to continue to promote the benefits of mind mapping in Spain using the existing training channels that I have, both in the world of leadership, corporate coaching and in new ventures that I am making towards coaching in education.

I want to become the reference point for Buzan based training in Spain and to that end, hopefully with the help and support of the Think Buzan organization would like to create my own training company based on my TLI Qualification and iMindMap. Beyond my accreditation, and being aware of my inexperience in the world of memory and brain function, it is my hope to eventually Invite Tony, Chris and other experts to Madrid, organizing seminars and workshops that support the spread of Tony’s message while at the same time support the growth and marketing of Buzan products. However more importantly to me, I wish to ensure that Mind Mapping, the iMindMap software and it’s applications are made available in an ethical and coherent manner through high standards of training.