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What is your background?

I graduated in Hotel Management and Foreign Languages in 1991. However, I found out later that my passion was Education. I have three children (20, 19 and 16) and ever since they entered Elementary School, I wanted them to have significant learning skills. I found that the educational system was not giving them enough, so that’s how I came across Mind Maps and Tony Buzan. I read many of his books and started to teach my children with them. I immediately saw the great benefits that they brought to their academic development and they have been using Mind Mapping ever since (almost 14 years now). Today, they mostly take notes with Mind Maps and their school performance has always been outstanding. I also started teaching at an Elementary School, as a hobby, and I LOVED it. I also taught my students with Mind Maps and other learning skills, and I truly could see how they loved Mind Mapping and were really learning as well as having fun with it.

Now my kids have grown, and I have the time to focus on a full time job. Therefore, I wanted to become a TLI so that I can share this wonderful and useful tool with other students, mothers and people from companies as well that are willing to learn about Mind Mapping and increase their creativity. My goal is to open a Mind Map Center where lots of people can be part of the amazing world of Mind Mapping.

Why does Mind Mapping inspire you?

I have been in love with Mind Mapping ever since I found out about them. They inspire me because I truly believe that they can change a student’s life. They changed mine and my children’s, so I want to teach this to other people. I am passionate about it and I think that this is the most important thing when you want to convince others about something. I love what I do, I enjoy Mind Mapping so much that I know I can make others fall in love with Mind Mapping as well.

How do you feel the course benefited you?

I have wanted to become a TLI for many years now, and finally, I could make it happen. I believe that being accredited by the inventor of Mind Mapping gives you more credibility and people will now that you really know what you are talking about. Furthermore, the TLI course gave us many tools and ideas to conduct our own courses. I also believe that in this way, we will stay informed about new things regarding Mind Mapping, new skills that we can learn and the possibility of retaking the TLI course again, it also gives me a chance to always be updated and share the new things with my students.

The fact of being able to interact with other TLI’s and other people who attended the course was great and it really was enlightening and rewarding to me. I am deeply grateful for that!!

How do you plan to use your accreditation?

I plan to start giving Mind Map courses right away. In fact, I was already conducting some courses, but right now, I feel that I have much more tools and ideas to communicate and share the Mind Mapping “world” with all my students.