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Richard Lin

Richard is a mind coach and public speaker, focusing on utilizing creativity to motivate, empower and support people to live happier, healthier, and wealthier in their life journeys. Richard worked for Siemens, for more than 20 years based in Beijing, Melbourne, Guangzhou and Shanghai in various senior positions with cutting-edge experiences in, strategic account management and professional sales and marketing leader for nationwide sales team in his early career life, then devoted himself in the company’s management team as a business strategist, organizational leader, change agent and company coach and trainer in coaching and training staffs to become middle and senior managers. Richard is a frequent Lecturer and speaker, invited by universities, business organizations and chambers of commerce to give lectures, presentations and talks around China, Hong Kong, Korea, Australia, Africa and Europe about leadership, time management, knowledge management, cultural diversity, relationship networking, sales and marketing management and effective communication techniques. Richard had been mentor for universities in China and mentor of student internship programs for various Universities. Richard had spent 6 years as the president of the Australian Chamber of Commerce in South China in cultivating the Australian-China business relationships to promote strong trade and investment links between the two countries.

Richard got in touch with Mind Mapping, when he was studying his Master Degree in Marketing at Glasgow in 1983. Richard picked up a book called “Use Your Head” written by Tony Buzan in a bookstore and it inspired him to use Mind Mapping to organise his class notes, prepare for his examinations and speed up the process of finishing his master degree dissertation. From that time on, Richard has been using Mind Mapping skills in his personal and working life and used Mind Mapping to communicate with his staffs, superiors and clients more effectively and boost productivity and performance in his business activities. Richard started to learn from Tony Buzan in 2009 formally and systematically in Mind Mapping, Memory, and Speed Reading. Richard integrates Mind Mapping in various disciplines, such as psychotherapy, counselling and coaching and helps clients achieving wonderful results. Richard has more than ten academic degrees in Philosophy, Religious Studies, Buddhist Studies, Counselling, Educational Studies, Business Research, Accounting, Marketing, Business Information Studies, Computing Studies and Fashion and Clothing. Richard received the Honorary Professorship from Guangzhou University in 2003.

Currently, Richard is launching monthly mind mapping workshops for public in Greater China to let people to master the wonderful “Mind Mapping” tool and transform his students to be master of Mind Mapping as well.

"Great Knowledgeable Scholar and Training Students without Reservation."

Chen XingYun, CEO of PI Education Technology Limited.

"Marvellous Trainer in Mind Mapping, Opening up our Brains in upgrading our learning potentials, a Fantastic Professor to be modelled."

Sun Chao, CEO of Zibo Le Ye Business Consulting Company Limited.

"Prof. Lin is Humble and Enlightening, a Marvellous thinker."

Huang JunMin, Thinking Training Specialist.

"Prof. Lin, is a Lifelong Learner, Thinking Practitioner, and my constant Learning Example."

Yin LiFang, CEO of Jiu Ya Education Information Consulting Company Limited.

Richard Lin Receiving iMindMap Accredited Licensed Instructor Certificate
Richard Lin Featured in Asia Pacific Economic Times
Richard Lin Meets Tony Buzan


Our world-class trainers and speakers, including inventor of Mind Mapping, Tony Buzan, and OpenGenius and ThinkBuzan CEO, Chris Griffiths, are available for private events, conferences, in-house training and more. From Mind Mapping to Memory Skills to creativity and applied innovation; just let us know what you need and we’ll find you the right