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Pavan Bhattad

– Creative Thinking Coach, Creativity and Innovation Expert.
– Inventor and founder of ThinkGenius and Brainival Training.
– Trained by Tony Buzan, world no.1 in creative IQ, inventor of Mind Maps and Nobel prize nominee.
– Trained by Phil Chambers, chief arbiter of the World Memory Championships and Mind Mapping expert.
– Trained by Vikrant Chaphekar, inventor of Musical Windows Memorization System.
– NLP Master Practitioner.
– Arbiter (AL1) at World Memory Championships.
– India’s first and only Senior ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor in:
– Mind Mapping
– Creativity and Innovation
– Speed Reading
– Memory Skills
– iMindMap (Mind Mapping software)

As a thinking coach, creativity and innovation expert and senior Mind Mapping and Memory Skills trainer, Pavan has mastered many thinking tools invented by Tony Buzan, Chris Griffiths, Edward de Bono and Phil Chambers.

Pavan was one of the first triple accredited TLIs in India and since he attended these courses, he has made it his mission to become the best creative thinking trainer he can be. Just 10 months after attending his first TLI course, Pavan became the first Senior ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor in India and has since set up two training companies, ThinkGenius and Brainival. He is currently leading a number of Mind Mapping and creative thinking workshops right across India.

Pavan is the founder of ‘ThinkGenius Institute of Thinking’ , which is India’s first and only institute of thinking. At ThinkGenius, Pavan leads various training courses and workshops across India and specialises in creative thinking and teaching people the art of generating ideas.

Before venturing into research and training on the works of the brain, Pavan gained 14 years of broad thought leadership experience in training technology, healthcare, wellness and mobile industries in India and abroad. In gaining this knowledge and experience, he led global, cross functional internal and external teams, driving significant growth through strategies, product management, innovation and operations. To add to this, Pavan also started an offshore development centre for Healthcare innovations and grew the team to 40+.

Pavan now spends all his time researching and training in creative thinking skills and the brain. Without getting too much into the biology and cosmic areas, he keeps it simple for people to understand how the brain can be most efficiently used. He is a real advocate of global mental literacy.