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Mikiko Chikada

ThinkBuzan Master Trainer – Mind Mapping, Speed Reading and Creativity Expert

Mikiko is a Master Trainer in Mind Mapping, Speed Reading and Memory, and the founder and CEO of TISM Corporation (formerly MK Partners CO, Ltd), a boutique consulting firm headquartered in Tokyo. Not only is she a valued ThinkBuzan Master Trainer, but she is also an expert voice on the practical applications of Mind Mapping and Creativity. Mikiko is an experienced training facilitator and has led a number of ThinkBuzan Speed Reading training courses in Japan.

Mikiko is widely recognised as an experienced management consultant as well as a superb facilitator of professional workshops. Before establishing TISM in 1998, she held a position as a senior investment professional at prestigious global investment banks for a total of 15 years.

Mikiko discovered Mind Mapping in 1984 where she was studying toward an MBA at the Johnson School, Cornell University. After reading Tony Buzan’s Use Your Head , she became engrossed and excited by the concepts and theories of Mind Mapping and Creativity. Deeply impressed by the concepts throughout the book, she continued to use Mind Mapping in her personal and professional life, which has led her to where she is today.

Nationally, Mikiko works with a wide variety of organisations and schools in Japan and is a well respected advocate of Mind Mapping and creative thinking. One of only a handful of ThinkBuzan Master Trainers, Mikiko brings a vast amount of skill and expertise to her training, and throughout her adult life, has tested, implemented and succeeded with her Mind Mapping and Creativity training in corporate, non-profit and academic environments.

In Japan, Mikiko frequently delivers ThinkBuzan Speed Reading TLI programmes on behalf of ThinkBuzan and has translated a number of Tony Buzan’s books, including The Mind Map book. Mind Maps for Business, Study Skills Handbook and Brilliant Memory . In addition to this, Mikiko has also played a role in the editing process of a number of these titles.

Since becoming a ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor in 2006, Mikiko has now trained over 5000 adults in Mind Mapping and creative thinking, with a key focus on business and professional applications.

"Mikiko is an excellent trainer and has a lot of skills."

Ryuko Mizutani, Japan, Speed Reading TLI

"Mikiko has a lot of knowledge and her training is very easy to follow."

Hiromi Takada, Japan, Speed Reading TLI

Mikiko Speed Reading Group


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