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Miki Tsukahara

Think Buzan社公認 シニア マインドマップ インストラクター(シニアTLI)
経済産業大臣登録 中小企業診断士

上智大学卒業2006年、マインドマップの開発者であるトニー・ブザン氏が初めて日本で公認インストラクターを養成したトレーニングコースに参加。日本におけるマインドマップ事業の立ち上げ期からその活動に参加している。2014年3月にThinkBuzan社よりシニアTLIに認定される。経営コンサルタントとして日本経営品質賞審査、一部上場企業への人材開発支援、中小企業への組織変革支援など、幅広くコンサルタント業務に携わった経験を持つ。一方、ビジネス講師としては、年間 150 日以上、総計1万人超に対し講演・講義を行ってきた。かつてはシャンソン歌手として活動し、有名歌手との共演経験もあるというユニークな経歴。聞き取りやすい声と、ビジネスとアートを繋ぐ楽しい講座ファシリテーションに定評がある。




President, Human Respect, Inc.

In 2006 she attended the first BLI (Buzan Licensed Instructor) course in Japan. In 2007 she was certified as a BLI. In 2012 she was certified as a TLI (Think Buzan Licensed Instructor), and in March, 2014 she was certified as a Senior TLI.

She had helped to promote Mind Mapping around Japan from the outset.

She is a management consultant certified by the Japanese government and Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

She was an examiner of the National Management Quality Awards, which is a Japanese version of the American Malcolm Baldrige National Management Quality Awards. She consults a number of enterprises concerned with human resource development and organization development.

On the other hand, she is a very good learning facilitator.

She is a well-experienced lecturer and has lectured at large events which have been held in places such as Tokyo Big Sites and the Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

She is working as a business communication and management trainer for large enterprises. She is working 150 days a year as a lecturer and trainer, and has taught thousands of people.

After graduation of Sophia University in Tokyo, her first career was professional singing.

At Sophia, she majored in Journalism, but she enjoyed singing very much from her childhood and feels that this has helped her with speaking in front of an audience.

She is very popular among seminar participants, and they find her guidance and facilitation very enjoyable, as it includes a mix of both business and art.

She wrote a book about Mind Mapping, entitled ‘MindMap Senryaku Nyuumon’ (Introduction to Management Strategy with Mind Maps), which was published by the Japanese leading publisher, DIAMOND, Inc.