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Matteo Salvo

Matteo Salvo was born in Genoa, Italy on the 6th November 1976. Since 1999 he has been presenting courses and workshops on learning strategies and memory techniques in Italian, English and Spanish. He founded the MindPerformance school situated in Turin, a school that specialises in improvement of the learning process and human resources development. His courses are attended by students, professionals, lawyers, doctors and those committed to the development of memory capability. He is a Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and, after attending a school for Classical Studies, he attained an Engineering degree at Genova University. He is key speaker in his field and principal authority on rapid learning in the Italian Press.

He wrote the Italian best sellers “il segreto di una memoria prodigios” (the secret of a prodigious memory) and “impara l’inglese in un mese” (how to learn English in a month). Supported by a wide variety of exercises at the end of each chapter, your progress and fine tuning is ensured. Both highly educational and entertaining, this manual is a must for outrunning the information overload in today’s world.

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