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Mark Guntrip

What is your background?

I am an experienced teacher based in Cumbria, North West England, specialising in Music education. I qualified in 1980, going on to be Head of Department and Head of Creative Arts Faculty in a large comprehensive school. I adopted the Critical Skills approach to teaching, viewing my role as an educator of the whole person rather than just Music. I later successfully gained N.C.T.L. qualifications in Leading from the Middle and Leadership Pathways. After accepting voluntary redundancy, I now enjoy teaching in a variety of local schools as a supply teacher. I am now focusing my attention on Teaching and Learning as a whole school issue and in particular utilising Mind Mapping as an integral and invaluable strategy in both my professional and private life.

Why does Mind Mapping inspire you?

So much excites me about Mind Mapping! Its power as a thinking tool and chameleon–like ability to adapt and prove its worth in any situation that requires thinking! Whether it’s planning, finding solutions to problems, note taking, revising for exams, sharing information, delivering presentations, organising your own thoughts or keeping a diary – Mind Mapping is the answer! One could say it has not just the potential but also a talent for stimulating creativity and boosting memory by employing the ‘whole brain’, (i.e. both hemispheres of the brain working together synergistically). Beautiful simplicity, ease of application and solid scientific foundations all go to make Mind Mapping the most effective, engaging and enjoyable thinking tool in our ‘Age of Intelligence’. The ThinkBuzan phrase, ‘Manage the Manager’ (i.e. the brain), sums up for me the importance and the rationale behind Mind Mapping. I’m hooked!

How do you feel the course benefited you?

After reading Tony Buzan’s book Modern Mind Mapping, I knew I had found something special. I determined to follow it up by attending the ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor Course in Mind Mapping and iMindMap. This I did in November 2015 and gained so much by way of knowledge, understanding and skills! I was particularly struck by learning how Mind Maps mirror the natural (net-) working of the brain and therefore work in harmony with it, thus unlocking the power and productivity of our brain. Wonderful! The tuition we received was top-notch and the camaraderie infectious. I am now even more convinced that Mind Mapping is a great thinking tool that can be of enormous benefit in the world of business and should be employed as a regular teaching strategy in all educational institutions. The positive power of images and key words within a mind map create a myriad of possible associations that can lead to new (out-of –the-box, divergent) thinking, new knowledge and new solutions to problems. As Pooh Bear’s friend Tigger might say, ‘Mind Maps are g-g-great’ and in the words of his famous song, “They’re (i.e. mind maps) bouncy, bouncy, bouncy, bouncy, fun, fun, fun, fun!”

How do you plan to use your accreditation?

Seriously, I now want to share this amazing thinking tool, (and the excellent iMindMap software) with the worlds of education and business. I intend to use my TLI Mind Mapping Accreditation to become a professional trainer, delivering introductory and practitioner courses in Mind Mapping and iMindMap software. This Mind Mapping thing is too good to keep to myself!