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Lyndsay Rees-Jones

Life is an exciting one way journey with many challenges along the way and – like any journey – sometimes we need directions. We might need help with finding the best route, changing course, or moving from one stage to another. If your next challenge involves studying, reviewing, managing, organising, untangling thoughts, or simply being more in control, I can help.

Initially creating and delivering information services to industry, I joined my professional institute as a Senior Advisor where I advised, supported and developed members and activists honing my ability to bring out the best in people. I also represented librarians and the contribution they make, to industry, government and the wider community.

Mind Mapping is the cornerstone for helping people at all stages of life transition: to approach things from a fresh perspective and move towards a more fulfilling and rewarding life. For those entirely new to the concept, mind mapping frees up their minds to think differently and allows for more freedom and flexibility.

I have mind mapped since I was 17, when I was bought my first copy of Use Your Head, by Tony Buzan. I credit mind mapping with helping me through my A Levels and my degree. I found exams daunting until the revelation that I could enter an exam room with an image of the relevant topic(s) in my mind. The technique released my brain to concentrate on responding to the questions, rather than worrying at the stuff I had tried to cram before-hand.

Subsequently I used mind mapping to plan and develop the various library and information services I managed. I also increasingly used it for agenda setting, minutes, business planning etc with colleagues. Seeing people who were initially resistant suddenly ‘get it’ is magical.

Basically mind mapping is my default for life: whether planning parties or holidays, organising work, preparing present/card lists, journalling, or just thinking.