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Jorge O. Castañeda

ThinkBuzan Master Trainer – Mind Mapping Expert

Jorge Oscar Castañeda, PhD, is President and Managing Director of Buzan Latin America, which is one of the leading organisations in Latin America in the fields of Brain Capital development and research.

Dr. Castañeda has more than 20 years of experience as a senior executive of various Fortune 500 companies and as a well-known international consultant / speaker. He has also been a World Bank consultant in creativity, business process transformation and risk management. As a speaker, Jorge has participated in various international events such as the recently created Global Mental Literacy Forum in the Netherlands (Stenden University, 2016), the Singapore Institute of Management Brain Literacy conferences, and the UN global forum, along with Tony Buzan, in 2008.

He is co-author, along with Tony Buzan, of the Mind Mapping Techniques and Applications textbook (2008) and The Most Important Graph in the World book (2012), and author of the Multiple Intelligences Book (2008), Recall Curves Research (2007) and Multiple Intelligences research (2006).

Dr. Castañeda is the inventor of the Root Cause Systemic Mapping methodology for problem solving and the Core Intelligences Leadership Model, which have been widely used in both private corporations and government institutions in Latin America and Spain.

Jorge and his organisation are devoted to implementing seminal research in the areas of Mind Mapping, Memory, Intelligences, Leadership and Creativity, using the latest findings in the neuroscience and organisational development fields.

Dr. Castañeda is one of the five Master Buzan Trainers around the world and has trained thousands of people by combining cutting-edge methodologies such as Mind Mapping, Root Cause Systemic Mapping, Strategic Focusing and Multiple Intelligences for providing value to customers such as The Coca Cola Company, Chrysler, Tec de Monterrey University, Novartis, and The World Bank.


“I’ve truly enjoyed Jorge´s training and conferences based on his unique combination of research-based brain knowledge and organisational development skills.”

Felipe Nunez, The Coca Cola Company

“Jorge is not only an excellent speaker but a very knowledgeable and intelligent man as well. He teaches with real passion.”

Alejandro Cristerna, ITESM University

“We’ve really enjoyed his teachings and have learned a lot from Jorge´s knowledge in neuroscience and Mind Mapping.”

Da-Xia Zhāng, Chinese Education Association
Jorge O. Castañeda
Jorge O. Castañeda
Jorge O. Castañeda


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