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John Smart

What is your background?

I have been, a Senior Manager, Company owner, management and business consultant.

I have worked in Telecommunications, Airline, Computing, Confectionery, Training and Development. I work with Masters Degree students to help them become effective managers and business consultants using experiential learning via real companies with real problems.

I specialise in generating creative ideas to improve personal and organisational development. I help people and, through them, organisations have an enthusiasm for the future, developing a desire to change and the courage to take the next steps.

Why does Mind Mapping inspire you?

I’ve been Mind Mapping since I first experienced Tony Buzan on the BBC in the 1970’s. For me the most important attributes (of many) is the holistic view that a Mind Map gives. Being able to develop and ‘see’ the big picture as a whole is much more powerful than reading a heavy document trying to articulate a vision.

How do you feel the course benefited you?

The course ironed out all of my Mind Mapping bad habits that had developed over the years and reignited my passion for Mind Mapping – a feeling I last experienced in the late 1970’s.

How do you plan to use your accreditation?

I want to help both business and individuals be better thinkers, more creative and excellent exponents of Mind Mapping. For the UK to remain a key player in the age of Intelligence we all have to be much better at using our Brain: I’d like to do my ‘bit’ to help.