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Giulia Comba

What is your background?

I’m an architect happily lent to communication and training. I’m the founder and owner of a communication agency, based in Venice and Milan, CO.ME, Creativity By Strategy. My playground is communication and creativity in every shape and I love to share my knowledge to people!

Why does Mind Mapping Inspire you?

I began using Mind Mapping two years ago. At first I used Mind Mapping to plan and remember my speeches for my Public Speaking path in Toastmasters. But after a while I started to use it for everything: to do list, planning journey and work, organising teams, ect. Mind Mapping helps you to recover your creativity, your open mind, your ability to manage! It’s impressive!

How did you feel the course benefited you?

The course teach me how to teach and expecially how is important to make people experience the power of the tool on their own skin!
Another benefit is to prove yourself that even if you use often Mind Mapping, the more you use the more it gives you flexibility in thinking, development in your creativity, new ideas in applying the tool.

How will you use your TLI accreditation

I think that young people as all the others should use Mind Mapping to ameliorate their performance in learning to use their time in a profitable way. In this interconnected world we must organise ourselves to live in a creative way, with more freedom to enjoy our job, life and beauty. We can only do it with tools that themselves work with colours, creativity, images and fun!
For this reason I developed a project called “The Mind Mapping Lady” where a lady trainer with a giraffe assistant teaches how to develop creativity with Mind Mapping. (