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Ecio Borgomoni Paes Leme

Naval engineer with with 30 years’ experience in the Brazilian food, distribution and packaging markets, many of them in C-level positions, in the last couple of years I established my own consultant and training practice.

For the better part of the last 20 years, mind maps have been a part of my daily life and an invaluable tool that called the attention of colleagues and clients. It helps me in brainstorming sessions, planning (from daily activities to big projects), organize meetings, understanding and writing complex documents, keeping track of ongoing projects and activities, taking comprehensive notes on client’s interviews, and so much more.

The TLI course with Tony and Owen lifted a veil showing the difference between proto-mind maps and the real ones, and the difference is mind blowing! I am sure that this new perspective will unlock creativity, productivity and much better communication.

Along with my own improvement, as a TLI, I will include Mind Mapping as an offering in my company’s portfolio and hope to do the same soon with the other courses.