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Carmen Dragomir

What is your background?

I’m am an experienced trainer, tutor, facilitator, study case author. I have been Mind Mapping since 1998 and this has enabled me learn faster, remember larger amounts of information, be able to explain complicated things easily, plan my writings, tutorials and trainings. I was tutor, trainer and facilitator for 5000+ Romanian managers, helping them to achieve academic success, professional and personal growth in Financial Management, Managing People and Self, Managing Performance and Change and now, in Mind Mapping.

Why does Mind Mapping inspire you?

It unlocks my creativity, boosts my memory and helps me plan & organize my work. Mind Maps never stop surprising me: our clients find so many ways to use them!

How do you feel the course benefited you?

It was a real pleasure to meet Tony Buzan. He revealed to me 2 things: I’m interested in everything (like a child) and I’m an artist (I drew a beautiful butterfly). In addition, I learned some tricks for iMindMap8 

How do you plan to use your accreditation?

I am developing a new brand, Minte Brici, with the goal of unlocking creativity, boosting learning, memory and concentration, and improve communication with the help of the most effective thinking tool, Mind Mapping. Our mission is to develop Learn2Learn, the life’s most important skill, with Romanian parents, teachers, children and students.