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Carl Peters

What is your background?

Having moved to Germany from the United Kingdom in 1981, I worked for a few years in various logistics companies focussing on warehousing and distribution. I wanted to gain deeper knowledge of the German language and culture and so looked for the best way to do this. The education system in Germany makes it possible to take the “Abitur”, which is the equivalent of A-levels in the UK, as an adult, in the form of a fulltime course over the duration of three years.

I achieved this goal with the help of MindMaps in 1990. I discovered my passion for teaching English while attending the college and went on to work for a private language school in Germany as an English trainer. My English training skills were advanced by a course with Cambridge House leading to a diploma with Trinity College. Continuing my teaching with the language school, I was promoted to the position of method trainer, whereby I was responsible for training new teachers.

I left the language school to open up new avenues for myself and became self-employed working with companies in Germany training staff and management in language and communication skills.

Why does Mind Mapping inspire you?

MindMapping has interested me and been a companion to me since my Abitur/A-level course. I have used this method in various teaching and personal environments. The wonder of MindMaps, for me, is the way in which the method allows one’s thoughts, and those of others to flow more freely. The process is very enjoyable, colouring my life with beauty and creativity, while still keeping my focus on the matters at hand. Once a MindMap has been drawn it remains with me, not only on paper or electronic form, but also, and most importantly, in my mind. Thus, making it possible to recall the events and processes I have mapped. It is in fact an image of the connections in my mind.

As a TLI, I will make use of the tools, methods and ideas acquired to install this thinking mode in as many minds as possible. I will continue using and improving the MindMaps I use in my English Training courses and encourage others to adopt the MindMapping skills as their own. I will be providing courses for iMindMap leaders in Germany in order to expand the family of MindMappers.